Sending a SMS campaign is an excellent way to promote your business to your customers, as text campaigns have a higher response rate compared to most other marketing channels.

To start sending SMS campaigns, you'll need to ensure you have enough credits as part of your account and ensure you've created a list with contacts and correct phone numbers. 

Here's how to send an SMS campaign:

1. Select the list you're wanting to send the campaign to. 

2. Choose whether you're scheduling the campaign or sending it now. Send times are based on your local time in your country, when you created the account. 

3. Enter the text which you'd like to send to your customers. Note - you're limited to 148 characters per SMS and 627 characters in total. If you include too much text, they'll be sent as 2 messages and increase your charges. Make sure you send simple and succinct SMS campaigns as these work best! 

3. If you would like to include a URL within your campaign, then insert a 'tracked link'. Ensure the formatting is correct by using https:// within your URL. Next, click on the 'tracked' link and paste this into your content where you'd like to include the link. This will include a URL within the content and shorten the URL. 

3. Once you're happy with your content, then click next and review your campaign before sending. You can send yourself a preview by clicking 'Send Preview'. Note you will be charged for over usage of the previews and any previews sent. 

If you've scheduled a campaign, hit the Send button and it will send at your scheduled time or Send it now!