Setup checklist for Facebook My Business.

Many customers review your business online before making a purchase. Maintaining a healthy amount of positive reviews, is important to upholding your brand authority online. 

To setup Senter with Facebook My Business, follow these steps: 

1. In your Senter app, head to Apps > Connect to Facebook. 

2. Authorise the App with your Facebook profile. You should now be connected with Facebook My Business. If you have multiple Facebook accounts, for different stores (multiple businesses or franchisees), then refer to our setup guidance in step 3. 

3. Head to settings. 

4. Map each one of your Facebook locations, to a new store. 

5. Once you're done mapping all your stores, then click save. Any mapped locations, will help you send review campaigns to specific stores and sites. It will also only allow customers to review the location which the review invite has been sent from. This is particularly important for multi site or franchise stores.