Setup checklist for Cin7.

We've put together this quick setup guide, to help you connect to your Cin7 account with Senter, enabling you to sync all your Cin7 contacts to a single list. 

Follow these steps: 

1. Within your Cin7 account, head to the app store settings > Integrations & API. 

2. Look for your API Username and write this down, ensure this is correct. 

3. Click API Connections and Add a New Connection: 

4. Give the app a name ie. Senter App. 

5. Give the app a name ie. Senter App.

5. Keep your API key recorded by copying and pasting this somewhere safe. Click Back to Setup > Permissions. 

6. Under API Connection Permission mark 'create, read, update, delete' and click 'save'.

7. Head to your Senter application. Under Apps, click 'Connect Cin7'. You'll be prompted to enter your name and API key. Enter the keys you generated in your Cin7 application and hit authorize. You're done!